Resurrecting the Blog

Hi everyone *waves*

I have left this blog abandoned for a long time, apologies. I hope I can find the time and willpower to make new posts at least biweekly.

Lots of updates since my last post!

I did several presentations, I’ve talked about Autoscaling Best Practices and A Metadata Ocean in Puppet and Chef at FOSDEM’14, also presented at DevOps Exchange London about How to Implement Microservices and at the DevOps Amsterdam meetup and the DevOps Cardiff meetup about Microservices and the Cloud.

I have collaborated in a book published by Steve Smith and Matthew Skelton called Build Quality In, it is a compilation of experience reports of implementing DevOps practices in different organisations, very interesting read.

I’m now organising the London DevOps meetup group, I’m very excited about this opportunity to help the London DevOps community and bring some amazing speakers. I’m trying to steer this group towards more hands on (and potentially hackathons) and less one way direction presentations. Hopefully this will help people to embrace DevOps if they want to get into it or learn some new tricks if you’re already practicing.

On the code side I’ve been enjoying a lot getting back to my coding skills and published a small Hiera plugin for Consul which hopefully will be useful, I’ll be using it for consolidating metadata in the platform I’m currently implementing.

Glad to be back!

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