Precise Pangolin (12.04 LTS) released!

Today Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) has been released, this is a LTS release and as such the preferred choice for lots of sysadmin/devops folks like me.

In this release I’ve been involved in Cloudfoundry, but also in packaging puppet, mcollective, mcollective-plugins, rabbitmq-server, and ipxe. All of which I’m quite happy about, if you feel like yelling at someone you know where to find me.

This release also makes the official debut of juju as a stable technology, the slogan says its Devops Distilled but I see it more as a giant application deployer with amazing orchestration skills, all of them make it a great solution, which you can also mix up with your usual puppet and mcollective of course :)

Go ahead and take the tour, and start playing with it in the Cloud or on your computer.

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