The DevOps movement

I’m quite intrigued by the new devops movement that has been arising lately in the ops community.

A devops is basically a sysadmin with a deep knowledge of several languages and in touch with the code running over the platform he’s providing, normally related to new trends in systems administration as the ones used by Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.

I can’t say I can’t feel identified with this movement since this is what I’ve been advocating for the last years, I’m quite happy to see that it has finally got enough intertia to develop into a full fledged movement that will take the sysadmin field into a new era, I’m completely giddy with excitement.

If you want to read more about what devops is about I think these are some of the most interesting blogs to follow:

Also there’s a couple Google Groups, devops-toolchain and agile-system-administration

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